The Atrium at Coulter Ridge

6900 Interstate 40 West, Suite 140, Amarillo, Texas 79106

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The ASSURANCE Group provides a safe environment for seniors, individuals, and families to secure health and life insurance. Our offices are easy to locate and we have plenty of handicap parking. We were founded in 2014 and there are four licensed agents available for consultation, education and enrollment in health insurance plans. Carriers that offer plans in Amarillo are represented by one or more agents.

We have recently added a much-needed service for all professional medical service providers in all categories.  The recovery of accumulating aging receivables is an elite specialty that only a handful of highly trained teams in the entire United States have proven their ability in this very difficult arena. MedXPrime/Mr2 has been recognized at a national level as one of the few. We offer this to you with absolute zero up front cost and with no obligation.