Bob PatrickCertified Pharmacogenetic Consultant
ASSURANCE Group Partner

For Doctors and Clinicians
  • Registration for whole 53 gene PGX Panel scans at no cost to Doctor or Clinic.
    • Reduces the need for trial-and-error treatment
    • Maximizes drug efficacy, minimizing adverse drug reactions
    • Reduces risk of ADR and liability to physician and clinic
  • MR-2 Forensic Accounting to recover long overdue insurance revenue from denied claims.
For Medicare Beneficiaries and Individuals/Families
  • Accommodate testing with family physician by appointment
    • To reduce risks of side effects if taking any medications
    • than four (4) medications
    • Simple, once in a lifetime genetic test
    • Eliminate trial and error prescriptions

I entered into the health industry in 2013 after realizing the need for honest and sincere consulting to our ever-growing population of senior citizens.

After actually stumbling to a process of testing DNA for adverse drug reactions to assist our seniors citizens, I have changed directions entirely. I discovered an ongoing research and implementation process in place to save lives from the deadly effects of prescribed prescription medications in relationship to your personal DNA structure. During the process of certification I found all age genres to be at risk without proper DNA to medication scanning to verify compatibility. Please call soon, it may save your life, or someone dear to you.

Call me to arrange a simple, once in a lifetime, two minute test in your doctor’s office.

I will register your doctor to administer and receive results on the test that is nearly 100% effective. Protect you, your family members, and friends from the deadly effects of taking prescription medications that your specific DNA make-up cannot tolerate. The right medication for the right person, at the right dose, right from the beginning, the first time.

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