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Assurance Group partner Robert Patrick.

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You do NOT have to continue to settle for less than your professional services are worth

MedXprime / Mr2 is one of only a hand full of elite level forensic aging account receivable recovery specialists that has proven to be deserving of being awarded a TOP 10 AR forensic recovery company in the entire nation.

We believe you deserve to be paid every penny you have billed out for the professional services you have so faithfully provided. With our BULLDOG tenacity and vast experience our team tracks down every penny & dollar that can be found and return them to you.

Uncompromising expertise, integrity, and compliance are the bedrocks of our existence. What are some of the quantifiable actual numbers? Find out by clicking the document links and watching the 3-1/2 minute movie link below. Mr2 can and will do the same for you.

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